Colonize Mars, Really?

MarsI don’t understand why there isn’t more public outcry to discourage people like Elon Musk and other Mars fantasizers who would like to see humanity spend billions or trillions of dollars over the next 50 years working to build a colony on Mars.

Even the late Stephen Hawking recently predicted that within the next 100 years we will likely have an event that will render the planet uninhabitable, and we therefore have no choice but to pour our energy and resources into colonizing space if we want to survive.

Let me get this straight…rather than put all that time and energy into finding a way to save ourselves on this extremely habitable planet, it would somehow be more pragmatic to find a way to transport thousands of privileged people across millions of miles of empty space to live on a rock of a planet that is even less habitable than our post climate change or post nuclear holocaust planet would be?

I’m not opposed to some space exploration, but I just don’t buy it.

EarthEven from a doomsday science fiction perspective, wouldn’t it make more sense to spend all that time and money on researching and building large underground cities with advanced air and water filtration systems? It seems like we would end up creating more jobs, spending less money, and saving more people that way. We at least have the right mix for breathable air and an abundance of water here, even if it became more poisoned down the road.

I realize that space, at least from the perspective of our short-sighted economic system, is the final frontier. It is one of the last growth opportunities for an economy that must expand infinitely to keep from collapsing. We are outgrowing this planet we have with its limited resources available for exploitation.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend our visionary time and energy working to transform our existing way of life so we don’t outgrow the Earth? It isn’t as sexy or exciting as the idea of colonizing space, but it is much more practical.


Posted By: Joshua Kielas 04.16.2018